Healing Testimonials

“Jez Hughes radiates compassion and attentiveness, his insights are interesting and meaningful and he is generous with his time. I feel slightly awed at having experienced such an authentic healing... He might be an unlikely looking shaman, but he most certainly is a gifted one.”


“As an Airline Pilot in working in a very technical environment "Shamanic Healing" was not even in my vocabulary two years ago. However, when my life was turned upside down by a deep personal trauma I was left on the edge of a nervous breakdown. Conventional medicine could only offer drugs and counselling.The drugs I didn`t want to take, and the counselling was ineffective. I was recommended to contact Jez to book a healing session.The session was simply profoundly healing and life-changing. In a single moment, I felt all the weight of stress, trauma and worry disappear!! After the session I could actually laugh and joke about isses that had been heart-breaking to even think of before. That allowed me to recover within a matter of days.All commented on how well I looked, and I actually felt physically lighter and much more energetic.So I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jez. He is a truly gifted, compassionate and empathic healer of very rare ability.” 

John Harris

“I just felt I needed to message you and give you a little update on whats happened since I came to you for healing. I can't remember feeling as good as I do now and its utterly fantastic. My husband is thrilled, not just for me, but for the fact he has a new me in his life! I'm still in shock to be honest that you have been able to do what anti depressents and therapists could quite simply not.....make me feel alive again. You really have an amazing gift and I am blessed to have found you and been a part of this unique talent. Many, many, many thanks.”

Carla Emery

“I just wanted to thank you so much for the healing. Its given me an understanding of circumstances in my life I just couldn't see the reasoning behind and because of this, I have a peace I've never known ever in my whole life. Also, the anger, the resentment and the grief, partly my own and partly from my father's South American Indian heritage, is now gone. And I don't feel persecuted and constantly hunted, though I know now why I had those feelings. Although I felt very tired after the healing, it wasn't the same tiredness that feels mixed with hopeless and burden. After the healing is like how I feel after running a marathon: tired, relieved I don't have to do it again and glad it's over yet with a sense of goodness. I'm ready to find out if the path I'm on is really right for me and to know more about my father's people. Again, I dont know how to thank you for giving that part of myself back and the peace I so longed for all my life”


“It seems quite a long time since I drove from West Wales to meet with you for shamanic healing. I felt totally at home on your floor, covered in a blanket with the sound of drumming all around ! I can honestly say the time I spent with you has stayed with me, I felt understood and you listened very attentively. The information you gave after the healing session was incredibly accurate and made a huge impact. Since then something has lifted, I am lighter in myself and the change has been remarked upon by a number of friends - it has been quite transformational and for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to the future.”

Stephanie Petrie

“After many years of soul searching and outside help from officially recognised sources with regards to my traumatic childhood neglect, physical, mental and sexual abuse; I was still experiencing ongoing effects like ripples on a pond of which were unrelenting in all manners of my personal and professional life. Through Jez and his remarkable gifts, I have found a new world in which I have found integrity; cohesion, completeness, unity a wholeness that I thought would never be mine.”

Tawnee Morgan

'I have had many healings over the years but none have had such a major transformation on my life to a point that I cannot believe how present I am every day! I still am truly amazed by the shift in me, in the three months since the healing I have achieved what I have been procrastinating about for years.' 

Tara Harley

'The healing session has changed my life. It was so powerful. I feel my dad is gone and have gained a new courage to make changes in my life.' 

Christianne Van Wijk

Training Testimonials

"Having lost my way for a few years and searching for a path that would sing to me, where I could once again feed my longing for the Sacred in life, I was introduced to Jez through a friend and went along to the dreaming circles he was holding in Sussex. His energy and commitment was something that really resonated with me and was very down to Earth in many ways. I signed up for the two year training with Second Sight and it has been nothing less that life transforming for me. Jez and the team offered the perfect framework and ceremony with a truly raw and authentic ability to connect to the Spirit/s of life and awaken that what was laying dormant in me. It has given me a deep opening that continues to expand with the elements and ancestors of this land bringing much needed healing to my being. Magical!”

Dave Marriot

“I highly recommend the Second Sight Healing training for many reasons. It simply changed my life and as a result I'm the happiest I have ever been. It was a huge privilege to be a part of my tribe for 2 years and I have learnt a lot about myself, who I am and what is my purpose and meaning in life. I was able to work with my shadows and fears in a safe way with a lot of support from teachers and a group. I learned how to stand in my power and work alone but also how to be a part of a circle. I enjoyed every second of my training and I would not change anything. The space was held with so much compassion ,power and humbleness and acceptance that it allowed me to open up in the way I never dreamt was possible!!  And this is just a beginning. This training opened up many possibilities for me and my family. Anyone who is considering to start the 4 seeds and Practitioner training with Second Sight Healing, I recommend it deeply from the bottom of my heart. It is a life changing experience and you are up for a treat and beautiful journey of self discovery. Best wishes, Anja”

Anja Dziedzic

“I've done a few things in my time to further my growth and salve the void inside, but nothing has struck home like Second Sight Shamanic Practitioner training. 
Not only have I come back to myself, but I now know what needs to be done and how to do it, to heal the land and people around me. In so doing I also further my own earth-centredness, appreciation of the gob-smacking beauty of nature, my sense of purpose and healing.
THE most fulfilling experience - not necessarily easy ( is anything worthwhile easy?) - but excellently and gently, held and guided by Jez and team.
I've so much love for this man, and the work.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ron W (Celt. Currently living in Avalon)

“I would like to express my deepest warmest thanks to Jez Hughes for his light, open, warm, humorous heart. Allowing me to feel safe and protected honored and welcomed on choosing to grow spiritually on this shamanic path. The connection to each in the circle is very special and heartfelt, honest and supportive, encouraging and nurturing. Realising we are all playing a part in relation to each other is profound and deeply moving as we are conditioned to think and act from an individual prospective. It opens our hearts and our eyes to seeing the importance of the health of the community. The knowledge and wisdom he imparts has come from a much deeper knowledge, accessed from spirit that connects the heritage of all good medicine men gone before. It is delivered just as it is, no hype or decoration. Our hearts are fed, our spirits are fed and our minds are fed. 

I would like to talk about one aspect and what shamanism has meant for me. My ethnicity is African and my family is Christian and for me nothing has awakened me more to my spiritual nature than this. The gifts I have received from spirit and my ancestors, who were only to happy to adorn me with tremendous connection, fierce power of the warrior that radiates my individual spirit knowing at all times they have my back. They are encouraging me and with me at the difficult times and celebrating with me at the times when there is love, joy and hope. I know I have the strength and I have the courage to face anything life throws at me. There is no greater feeling of empowerment quite like this. My spirit helpers connected with me throughout the year in ceremony, in everyday life and through dreams. I am astonished at the uninhibited outpouring of help. 

I want to express my gratitude for your love and friendship helping me to become who I am becoming. This is the way I have come into alignment with earth, the elements of fire, water, air, ancestors, and plant spirits. I know greater things will come for the benefit of all. Thank you Jez, Christian and Ali for your friendship, love and kindness.”

Florence Okwan

'I am so grateful and privileged to have been part of the incredible journey through the Four Seeds and the practitioner training. Jez holds the space with such integrity, passion, humour, energy and wisdom that it allows you to totally be yourself and express whatever emotions come up safely and without judgement. I have released deep rooted pain and fears, healed and found parts of my soul I thought were lost forever and never once did I feel I was going through this alone.The support and love shown by Jez, Ali, Christian, Bev and each of the friends I made on the course came from the heart and each of them bought their own unique love and gifts to help everyone through a life changing six months. The whole experience will stay in my heart forever, thank you.'

Donna Davidson

'Jez has been an incredible mentor and healer. His invaluable guidance through the sacred initiations, connecting with the land and ancestors and journeying with spirit, has enabled me to fully embrace and refine my truth and set it free. He emanates such gentle humility and integrity. This is deeply reflected in those that are attracted to his presence and his magical workshops. We have now all become family due to these and created life long bonds. Few experiences in life reach such remote and uncultivated regions of the heart, unearthing material that is incredibly fertile. Touching the deepest, rawest reservoirs of the soul. Thank you Jez for bringing such enlightenment to my life.'

Kim Rudd

“My first real experience of shamanism was having a healing with Jez in 2006. Following this, I became intensely interested in Shamanism and yearned to explore the new vision of life which had begun to open through the healing. I soon bought myself a drum and began attending workshops Jez ran. Throughout this time I watched my life slowly begin to undergo a huge transformation, drawing in experiences and tools which allowed me to cast off the anxiety and exhaustion which had held me in chains for years.

The courses which make up the training are held in beautiful spirit-filled woodlands in Sussex. Buzzards, Owls, Dragonflies, Wrens, Deer, Bees, Foxes to name a handful, are all inhabitants of the land where the four seeds and practitioner training is held and it wouldn’t have been the same without them. During breakfast on the Air/North weekend seven common Buzzards came to circle and play overhead, as if to welcome us as we explored and honoured their element. A wren came and landed on my chest during my vision quest! Jez is a joy to be taught by; insightful, passionate and dedicated to shamanic work, yet balancing this with humour, humility, gentleness, and the strength to support and reassure a group of people undergoing powerful and, at times, challenging initiations. Those who supported the courses were wonderful. We all laughed a lot! The sense of community our group created during the course is something that will stay with me for life. 

I now practice as a Shamanic healer and artist, and am eternally grateful to Jez for the immense support, mentorship and encouragement he’s given me, both in my work, and on my personal journey of healing. He is a gifted healer, rooted in a love for both the earth and people, and a dear and trusted friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Four Seeds and practitioner training to anyone with a dedicated interest in healing themselves, their communities, and the wider world.” 

Katy Dunne

'If I had just a word to describe my experience of the 'Four Seeds Training' then that word would be 'profound'. It was a process in which I found myself discovering a new yet also familiar world, both inside and outside myself. The experience has given me a healing and focus that has enhanced me; and based on that I would recommend it to anyone seeking spiritual evolution and a more expanded heart, through a process of wisely and sincerely guided shamanic practice.'
 Christian Timony

'I've always felt a very strong need for shamanic work in my life but was hesitant to search for healing or initiations. I feared such experience the West would be fake. When I first met Jez over a year ago, I was overwhelmed by his warmth, honesty, openness and utter sincerity. I felt I could trust him on the spot and ,as a result, after a few eye-opening healing sessions, I decided to take the plunge and go for Shamanic Practitioner workshops in the woods.

I was hesitant to say the least – shamanic work is no walk in the park. It's more like tearing trough bushes in a forest. It was a huge challenge – personally, emotionally and spiritually – to go through the workshops. This said, it was also a wholly rewarding and healing experience in a very safe, blessed woodland environment. Teachings shared, ceremony, interaction with the group, being away from urban landscape – were all invaluable to my development. I felt completely safe and held throughout the whole experience and cannot recommend Jez enough as a mentor and shamanic practitioner.'

Hanna Skomra

The course was a journey that is hard to put into words. I guess, for me, working with the wisdom and authenticity of the elements helped me to step into my own wisdom and authenticity. The spirit of Fire, Earth, Water and Air taught me to let go of my idea of reality, and ultimately to step into the only thing that is real, the Great Spirit. It was a hard journey at times but the support, love and holding of the group gave me the courage to continue. This course is taught with wisdom, sensitivity, humour and warmth and most importantly it is taught from the heart of the Great Spirit.'

Claire Creighton

'Life changing magic mixed with down to earth fun! Jez takes you on a magical mystery tour of Shamanic rites.'

Beverley Peter