Shamanic Mentoring

One-on-one shamanic mentoring for those seeking enlightenment and support.

Walk the path with Jez

Jez is our shamanic mentor, offering guidance for those new to shamanism, or for those already on the path.

Jez has over 25 years of deep experience on the shamanic pathway, grounded in 10 previous years of his own personal ‘shamanic sickness’ and being initiated by the spirits through various psychological and spiritual breakdowns.

Having treated thousands of people over 17 years as a healer, and having appeared on national and international media, Jez is now known worldwide as a leading authentic shaman. He is also author of two books sharing his shamanic wisdom: ‘The Heart of Life’ and ‘The Wisdom of Mental Illness’

Support for those who are...


Answering ‘dark nights of the soul’

For those who wish to receive guidance and support on their journeys through life from a shamanic perspective. This can be of particular use for those people going through big mental challenges, or ‘dark nights of the soul’ and who wish to understand their experiences from a spiritual perspective.

Jez says:

I draw a lot on my own experiences, those who I have helped in a shamanic way and the broader research for my books to help ensure that the support I offer is grounded, useful and can offer real life solutions. 


I have both and insider’s knowledge and empathy of potential painful situations and the shamanic training and experience to help guide a person through these chapters in their life journeys. 

My passion, as I have written elsewhere, is de-stigmatising and de-pathologising mental struggles, to help find the potential life lessons and gifts that these episodes could bring. And also exploring the underlying traumas or conflicts that may have precipitated them. This perspective, in itself, can be deeply healing.


This mentorship is for individuals who are not yet ready to commit to a full shamanic healing and instead wish to progress in a slower way. Though it might at some point lead to a healing. 


Offering human perspective

For those who are already on a shamanic path and wish to receive some outside mentoring and support. One of the main problems we have in the West when re-introducing shamanic practices is the lack of community support from elders we can go to when facing the natural challenges that occur.

Jez says:

It can be a lonely experience, to not have that human wisdom to call on, on a regular basis. 

We have the support of the spirits, but the human perspective can be essential as it can help guide us through many potential pitfalls when navigating the journey. Also, on another level, there needs to be practical wisdom passed down of what actually works in the ‘real world’. This is especially true as shamanism gains popularity, which can lead to confusion as to what shamanism is and isn’t, with a potential watering down of the path. 

This mentoring is for those who seek this guidance, whether its working with individual clients in a shamanic way, teaching groups or holding ceremonies. Or those who have begun their journey, received some training, but require more ongoing support. 

Seek guidance, achieve real change

During these hour-long online sessions, Jez will be led by what you bring, what challenges or problems you are facing (personal or professional), or further knowledge you are seeking. There will often be rituals and practices that are proscribed to be done outside of the session, so that the changes necessary can be achieved in your day-to-day life or practice. 

Cost £95 (£75 concessions) 

Group Blocs £425 for 5 sessions or £895 for 10