Second Sight

Shamanic Training & Healing

Second Sight is dedicated to the renewal of shamanic practices and providing leading shamanic teaching and healing in the contemporary western world. We are also dedicated to supporting indigenous cultures through long term collaborations, mutual support and reciprocity. The ancient path of shamanism can offer solutions to many of today's problems by bringing us back into balance with nature, assisting individuals, communities and the wider environment. Through our authentic teachings we invite you to 'return to the wild', to immerse in the elements of the land, connect with your ancestors and spirits, and bring healing to your soul.

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Shamanic Community

Our spirited community centres around connection – to the land, to ancestry, and to each other. To heal the existential loneliness and isolation that haunts the modern soul and results in destructive behaviours.

We welcome an ‘uncivilising’ of ourselves, away from the sterility of modern life. To renew the sacred contract humans have traditionally held with their environments. To restore balance to the world whilst restoring balance to our souls. To return to community, around the fire, beneath the stars, with the trees and animals as our witnesses and guides, healing the heart wounds that arise from living in an individualised, secularised society.

To return to the wild, beating heart of existence that abounds in nature and inside of us. To feel that yearning and to answer that call.

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Who we are


Jez Hughes, has studied Shamanism intensively for twenty five years. His own healing journey began over thirty five years ago through a long, initiatory shamanic sickness. The symptoms of this were various forms of mental illness and convulsive fits which he spent over a decade seeking  to heal. This led him towards shamanism and a cure for these symptoms.

He has studied with both contemporary shamanists and indigenous elders across the world ever since. He has also treated thousands of people from all walks of life in one to one healing and has taught the shamanic training for over fifteen years. This brings a unique understanding of shamanism that is both fit for the modern era and respectful of ancient traditions.

His work has been documented in his two books, The Heart of Life and The Wisdom of Mental Illness as well as in the national media. 

Our offerings

Courses & Healings

Shamanic Training - Overview

From an online foundational course through to a 5 year modern apprenticeship programme, here is an overview of Second Sight offerings to deeply embed you onto the shamanic path.

Foundation in Shamanism

This interactive online course takes participants on a intimate journey into the ancient practice of shamanism over a 9-month period. It is accompanied by rigorous practice outside of the sessions. It is the basis for all the other courses.

Shamanic Practitioner Training

During this 3-year course, you will be initiated through a series of challenging initiatory rites to create a framework for personal and collective transformation and into the art of becoming a shamanic practitioner.

Shamanic Healing

A shamanic healing can offer the possibility for deep and long lasting transformation through getting the to root of the spiritual causation of sickness that is manifesting in various forms of illness or imbalance .


The shamanic pathway can be fraught with potential challenges. As can life. Our practitioners are here to hold and support you through your journey by offering the wisdom gleaned from their own ongoing tutelage by the spirits.

Tarot Course

Our 20-week professional Tarot training explores this uniquely western divination method in depth, with particular focus on uncovering the hidden forces standing in the way of a person expressing their true potential. The course gives you all the tools necessary to perform professional Tarot readings.


Words from the initiated

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Indigenous Collaboration

Second Sight is fortunate to hold a rare collaboration with the Wixárika (Huicholes) Nation of the Sierra Madre, north central Mexico, being one of the main organisers of their work in Europe. The Wixarika are one of the few indigenous people’s who have held their traditions intact, resisting first the Aztec, then the Spanish Empire. They are still self-governing to this day. The influence of this friendship and ‘family’ connection has been profound on our work at Second Sight. Also, through our involvement in the setting up of the Tatewari Foundation, an organisation committed to raising funds for development projects and educational awareness for the Wixarika and other indigenous cultures, Second Sight ensures that reciprocity is at the heart of all of our work.