Year Five- Taking the Work out into the Community


The final year will involve you 'going out into the world'. This means you will ask for guidance from spirit for a 'shamanic vision' that you will birth in the community. This can be anything that helps to bring forth shamanism into society in a grounded and accessible way. You will receive assistance in the form of mentoring throughout this project.

The purpose of this is, as always, to ground your shamanic practice in the real world, in order to be of service in that way. If shamanism only exists in private, removed from society, in the woods, it is not fulfilling its main purpose, which is to serve the community. This year will be about taking the risk and being vulnerable enough to test your work ‘out there’. In order for this to happen, you will need to trust spirit in a much deeper way than perhaps you will have before. Through this process, the work becomes then no longer about the individual, part of what afflicts the modern world, but rather, it is about service to the collective.

You will also be asked to do a solo pilgrimage to a land/ place of your ancestors to undertake a specific ritual.

And finally, we will meet for one last time in the woods, for completion, celebration and final initiation.

The focus of this year will then be helping you practically land the work, so that you are able to use everything you have learnt over the five years to assist in a shamanic way for the betterment of life and your communities.  

please note from year three onwards, each year can be committed to separately on a year by year basis  

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