Year Three- Deepening the Work

For those who wish to continue after the Two Year Practitioner Training, the third year focuses on learning the art of ceremony as well as deepening and extending the work that has already been undertaken. We will meet twice back in the woods, again for four days each time.

We will explore the nuts and bolts of what makes a ceremony safe and effective. This will include the invisible landscapes that need to be set up to ensure this safety and power. Whether this is taking people on a drum journey, or other larger ceremonies such as sweats lodges. This will give you the tools to potentially assist others in this way. Again, sprit willing.

A continued focus will also be on how to raise power in yourself and how to protect that power for your own continued healing journeys and also for assisting others. We will look at new ways of developing your healing practices, with the emphasis on relationship with larger land spirits. 

We will also extend and deepen a relationship with the plant teachers of this land.


Each meeting will involve a Temascal (sweat) on the Thursday, another completely new major ceremony on the Friday night- focusing on the ancestors of this land- and then an all night Teacher ceremony on the Saturday.  

In the day, we will look at techniques and practices to enhance the work and also the philosophy behind what we’re trying to achieve bringing shamanism back into the modern world. As always we will be working with our ancestors to assist with this.  

The emphasis will very much be on moving forward as a circle to explore the deeper realms of this work collectively, listening to spirit’s guidance and sharing that information together, so that you are able to grow into your own place, and learn to trust your Medicine, with the work. This will help you with how we can take the work out into the world with your own unique take on it. 

Commitment to the third year also requires assisting on one element of the Four Seeds with the new first years programme. The teaching that is received assisting in this way can be profound and enhance your own work significantly. You will also be require to commit to mentoring a first year student throughout the year through email and occasional phone correspondence.

Finally, it will involve one healing/ mentoring session with Jez to integrate the work and focus on what you need personally to develop.

Practical Details:

Cost is £845 for the year including all teaching, accommodation (camping in the woods) and food.

Dates TBC

please note from year three onwards, each year can be committed to separately on a year by year basis