Shamanic Training Programme

Welcome to the Second Sight Healing shamanic training programme. We offer a variety of courses, aimed at teaching shamanism that is both relevant and useful to people and communities in the modern world, whilst also staying true to the principals shared by indigenous traditions.

The entry level begins with a two year Practitioner Training Programme. This is a complete course in itself but also lays the foundations for up to five years of ongoing commitment. Each level of commitment builds on the last, and ensures that not only do we offer training in shamanic techniques, but very real initiations into the animistic world view of the shaman.

The intent behind this offering, is to insure that the path can be properly integrated into our lives and we are able to plant the seeds for future generations by taking the work out into and transforming the communities of which we are a part. In many ways it has the potential to be something resembling a modern day apprenticeship.

After the first two years each year can be committed to separately and on a year by year basis.

This is the only shamanic practitioner training that includes proper field work in terms of visiting and staying with indigenous communities. It also includes a mentored working in the community programme, making sure that the path is fully focused on service.

It is a great honour to be able to share this work, see the links for all the details of the different aspects of the training, beginning with the two year Practitioner Course. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Please note the Shamanic Practitioner Training is now full for 2019. We will be opening up for new admissions for 2020 in due course.