Jez Hughes

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I have studied Shamanism intensively for over twenty years. Yet, my healing journey began thirty years ago when, as a teenager, I experienced a fit that propelled me into an altered state of consciousness far more powerful, yet intrinsically linked to the one that surrounded me. 

It took a long time to integrate that experience and find healing for the physical and mental disturbances it initiated into me which included ongoing convulsive fits, extreme anxiety, psychological breakdowns and psychotic episodes.

This journey, I now understand as a 'Shamanic Sickness' lasted on and off for around 17 years and took me through various healing and spiritual traditions and all across the earth, until I finally came home to shamanism and found practical methods to cure myself.

I have studied with various teachers, from both contemporary shamanism and have also travelled widely visiting and learning with indigenous elders across the world.

This training is ongoing and for the past seven years I have worked closely with the Wixarika (Huichol) nation of northern central Mexico, hosting many senior Marakames (shamans) as they have shared their ceremonies, culture and medicine with Europeans for the first time in their history. I have travelled to the communities and received the enormous privilege of pilgrimaging and undergoing ceremony at their sacred sites, some that have never hosted westerners before. The friendship and teaching from this alliance has influenced and moved my work forward in many profound ways.

All these teachings have led me to understand the importance of listening to and honouring the land as we re-introduce these ancient arts and practices into our modern world. This involves stepping out of the 'classroom' or 'workshop' room and the security of our minds, and into the wildnerness of nature, and the mystery and wisdom of our bodies and hearts. Through listening and connecting to the land we then naturally connect with our ancestors and the spirits, for this is where their presence is strongest. This also helps us to re-balance and connect to the true essence of ourselves, bringing personal and collective healing. 

I have worked full time as a Shamanic healer and teacher for fourteen years, cultivating and grounding my experiences, whilst learning so much more along the way. Outside of shamanism I have followed a varied path including working for Friends of the Earth, The Prince’s Trust, as a professional actor and am a published poet. I am also a practising Astrologer and tarot reader.

I am fortunate to have had my work documented in the national press, including magazines: Sacred Hoop, Natural Health, Kindred Spirit, Soul & Spirit etc and local and BBC radio. 

My first book- 'The Heart of Life- Shamanic Initiation & Healing in the Modern World- was published in November 2015 by Moon Books.

Leah Bracknell


Leah is a practising Shamanic healer. She completed her intensive training with Second Sight Healing and now assists on Initiation and Practitioner Training workshops which she has done for the past 9 years. She has been priviledged to sit in sacred ceremony and learn from indigenous shamans from the Shuar and Wixarika tribes. She has also travelled to Mexico to work closely with the Wixarika in their communities and sacred sites.

Leah brings a passion for integrating the spirit with the body and assisting people to ground their visions. She is a certified yoga teacher. She has released 2 bestselling DVDs 'Yoga and You' and 'Yoga for Life', has presented workshops at The Yoga Show and the Mind Body Spirit Festival and has written for Yoga Magazine and OM Magazine. Her work has been featured widely in the media: BBC, This Morning, Spirit and Destiny, Natural Health and Living, Woman and Home, Yoga Magazine, OM Magazine, TV Times and in the national press.

She brings a a great holding and nurturing energy to the courses. Leah is also an actress and has worked in theatre and television for over 30 years. She is a mother of two grown up girls.

Beverley Peter


Beverley holds the hearth and heart of the camp together, cooking delicious food and insuring that everyone's needs are met. She does this with warmth, humour and great energy. She is also there to support initiates on any part of their journey, bringing her down to earth wisdom and vast experience, both life and spriritual, to any situation. 

Exploring religious beliefs, and how they relate to other cultures has always interested Beverley, leading her to extensive travel, from Africa, Mexico to India. She was a practising Buddhist for over eight years until coming across Shamanism ten years ago. She was initiated into Shamanic practices with Second Sight Healing and has helped support the workshops in the woods for the past seven years. 

Beverley is both an mother and grandmother and holds the energy of a true elder, bringing love, compassion and a sense of playfullness to the camp.

Donna Davidson


Donna deals with the administration and bookings for Second Sight Healing. She has been through everything Second Sight Healing offers and can, therefore, speak with knowledge, experience and empathy when dealing with enquiries. Having completed the practitioner course in 2014, she now practises as a Shamanic Healer.

Donna became interested in Shamanism after being given a pack of medicine cards while going through an extremely difficult period in her life. These gave her the insight and focus to start thinking differently and make changes in her life. She then attended Shamanic workshops at Gaunts House, Dorset, and established a very strong connection with an animal spirit guide. This had a profound effect on her.

She then travelled to the Amazon Rainforest in Peru where she worked with one of the Teacher Plants and sat in ceremony with the healers (Onanya) from the Shipibo Tribe. This was life changing. On her return, she met Jez through the monthly dreaming circles run by Second Sight Healing, and started her training with him. 

Donna feels extremely privileged to have recently travelled around Mexico with Marakames of the Huicholes Tribe, visiting their sacred land Wirikuta, learning about their plant medicine and sitting in ceremony with them.

Dave Marriott


Dave began his shamanic journey over twenty five years ago. He worked for three years under the tutelage of the medicine woman Arwyn Larkin, of Navajo/Celtic descent, in Britain and the U.S., following the teachings of the medicine wheel and the art of dreaming. He has also worked with Victor Sanchez and AVP ( The Art of Living Purposely ) in Mexico and Britain, following the ancient Toltec Knowledge of living in harmony with the seen and unseen worlds, that we are a part of. He travelled extensively throughout those lands during this period of his life, living in a simple way, immersed in the natural world.

He has recently completed three years training with Jez Hughes and the Second Sight team, which has brought much healing into his life and a true sense of belonging to these lands of Britain with their mysteries.

His intention is to follow the Earth's evolutionary dream, creating an authentic dialogue with Spirit/Nature, seeking to deepen his connection and guiding others to the ancient pathways of this land and the healing that this brings forth, working closely with the Sacred Yews within the South Downs.

Howard Johns


Howard is a social entrepreneur, environmental activist and author of “Energy Revolution”- a visionary guide to repowering the global energy system through renewable sources and local community action.

He has been passionate about shamanism for over twenty years and moved from devouring books on the subject to working with Jez over the last 10 years including completing the four seeds and practitioner training.

He is also grateful to have worked with Marakame from the Wixarika nation of Northern Mexico, for the last six years.

“For me my work in the woods has been an amazing personal healing journey, and helps me bring myself more fully to my work in the world, my family and all my relationships. I am very grateful to work with Jez and the Second Sight team, and it is a real honour to help hold sacred space for others. I love the approach of re-dreaming the old pathways of this land, where we lost our traditions so long ago, it’s so needed.”