Online Tarot Course

Join our unique interactive and experiential Tarot course, where we use many tools to ‘get to know’ the Tarot, beyond the mere intellectual. Upon completing this 20-week course, you will have all the tools necessary, spirit willing, to be able to undertake readings of a good standard.

Suitable for All Experience Levels


‘Divination’ – the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.


About the course

In the West, we have been gifted an extraordinarily rich divination tool which has been used and evolved for centuries, that of the Tarot. Tarot cards can be used in different ways: to delve into the past, the present and the future, for healing, navigation and foresight. In this course, all aspects of the cards, and in particular their interactions with each other will be looked at in great detail, before learning about tarot in action and the magic of readings. 

What will you learn?

We will explore each aspect of Tarot fully. We will use shamanic dreaming techniques to explore the ‘spirit’ of the cards – how their energy can be experienced and come alive in life. This will also work to assist participants to heighten their intuitive and psychic abilities, that can then be applied practically. The Tarot will be explored from a traditional, magical perspective, drawing heavily on existing eastern European folk traditions alongside modern psychological interpretations as well as using the shamanic tools of the Medicine Wheel and connection to spiritual allies to offer a complete training. Most importantly, the course will be focused on how the tarot works in the real world and can be used to assist others.   

How long is the course?

This online course lasts 20 weeks, with each session lasting 3 hours. It is teacher-led and supported, so is undertaken over a set period of time.

Each online session will be recorded and made available for students to watch at their leisure, although we recommend that to get the most out of the course, as many live sessions are attended as possible.

More Information

This is designed as a professional course and many former graduates of this course have gone on to work as professional tarot readers.

Course dates for 2025 TBC

Our tarot teacher

Anja is a shamanic healer, facilitator and tarot reader. Since completing her shamanic practitioner training with Second Sight in 2016, she has worked as a full time shamanic healer in both 1-1 healings and group ceremonies. She has participated and assisted in multiple ceremonies with a variety of indigenous elders, western shamans and others, and journeyed and facilitated on pilgrimages around Mexico and Britain, as well as sharing her own practise through workshops, and teaching on the Second Sight shamanic practitioner and online courses.  


Those who undertake our 5-year Shamanism Practitioner Course are initiated over the course of two years. During this time they undergo a series of challenging, initiatory rites through the Four Seeds Initiations and creating a framework that can be used for personal and collective transformation.


Meanwhile, our 6-month online foundation in Shamanism course is designed to act as an immersion into the world of the Shaman. It takes participants on a intimate journey into the ancient practice of shamanism, covering all the key tenets of the path.


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