Foundation in Shamanism

Join an intimate journey into the ancient practice of shamanism, covering all the key tenets of the path. Our online foundation in shamanism course is designed to act as an immersion into the world of the shaman over a six month period, and will involve a journey of discovery, transformation and healing.

Suitable for All Experience Levels


I would describe my experience as getting hooked onto the mother and shown the world from the animistic perspective.’

– Course Participant


About the course

This course is designed to offer a practical and theoretical framework to make the path of shamanism accessible and relevant to the modern world, whilst retaining and honouring its authentic, indigenous roots. This means understanding clearly what shamanism is and what it isn’t, alongside what its practical application could mean in a modern society, divorced from its hunter gatherer roots. It covers all key tenets of the path over nine month period. Each session is highly interactive with lots of opportunity for questions and sharing of experience. Support is also provided, if needed, outside of the dedicated live sessions from Jez or his team.

This online foundation in Shamanism course operates both as a stand alone course, whilst also preparing students for the extensive Three year Practitioner Course for those that wish to undertake more in-depth work. 

What will you learn?

Particular focus will be on:

Introducing and strengthening participants connection with their spiritual allies

Providing a solid framework to enhance this connection and provide context and a container for all the shamanic work

Mastering the practice of going into trance on a regular basis to access wisdom and power from the invisible realms

The purpose and function of offerings as a communication tool with an emphasis on reciprocity 

Connecting to and healing ancestral lineages

Strengthening spiritual connections with your local environment and the spirits that reside there, to ground and solidify the work.

Working with dreams and understanding the key aspects of ritual and ceremony 

Understanding how shamans work with death and what lies beyond

How long is the course? 

This 9 month course is comprised of 9 modules, with three extra ceremonies. Each module will involve meeting online for three hours, every month The meetings will include detailed information and the learning of practical knowledge alongside experiential ritual and shamanic trance work. In between meetings there will be practice and rituals to be done at home and in nature, connecting with your local environment.

More Information

Between modules 3 and 4, 6 and 7 and after 9 additional online sessions will be held for the group to participate in distant ceremony together. Each ceremony will last for two hours.

All teaching will be undertaken by Jez Hughes and will be assisted by an experienced practitioner.

Welcome to our Community

The Online Foundation in Shamanism course also welcomes participants into the vibrant and growing Second Sight community with regular in person meet ups and the opportunities for peer learning. These are facilitated through specially designated website community channels and social media groups.

Full Course dates for September 2024

Module 1 – Tuesday 3rd September 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 2 – Tuesday 1st October 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 3 – Tuesday 5th November 2024 – 7-10pm
Ceremony 1 – Tuesday 19th November 2024 – 7-9pm
Module 4 – Tuesday 3rd December 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 5 – Tuesday 7th January 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 6 – Tuesday 4th February 2024 – 7-10pm
Ceremony 2 – Tuesday 18th February – 7-9pm
Module 7 – Tuesday 4th March 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 8 – Tuesday 1st April 2024 – 7-10pm
Module 9 – Tuesday 6th May 2024 – 7-10pm
Ceremony 3 – Tuesday 20th May – 7-9pm

Our course teacher

Jez Hughes

Jez Hughes is the founder of Second Sight. He has studied shamanism intensively for over twenty five years with various teachers, from both contemporary shamanism and indigenous elders across the world. Jez has worked full time as a shamanic healer and teacher for nearly twenty years, cultivating and grounding his experiences. Outside of shamanism he has followed a varied path including working for Friends of the Earth, The Prince’s Trust, as a professional actor and a published poet. He is also a practising astrologer and tarot reader. 


Our 5-year Shamanism Practitioner Course will allow you to embody the spirit and nature of shamanism, and the wisdom to share within your community. Throughout initiation, you will undergo a series of challenging, initiatory rites to create a framework that can be used for personal and collective transformation.


Our unique interactive and experiential Tarot course, where we use many tools to ‘get to know’ the Tarot, beyond the mere intellectual. Upon completing this 20-week course, you will have all the tools necessary, spirit willing, to be able to undertake readings of a good standard.


Words from the initiated

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