Shamanic Teachings

Second Sight training courses are designed to be uniquely relevant and useful in the modern world, whilst also staying true to the principals shared by indigenous traditions. Our experiential trainings support deep and long-lasting transformation for individuals and communities, catering to all levels of shamanic experience. 


The shamanic pathway

Our Shamanic Pathway is a series of in-depth courses that allow you to enter into the shamanic experience to whatever level you choose, from an introduction, to deep immersion as a shamanic practitioner. 

Our shamanic practitioners

Our shamanic teachers are deeply experienced and have all walked the long path towards shamanism that incorporates the range of practices that you will encounter during your trainings. Our Practitioners act not as guides, but as supporters and peers on your journey.

Short shamanic courses

Begin your journey into shamanism with our short courses that teach the principles and practices related to shamanism.

Shamanic drumming ceremony

Mind-expanding experiences

We welcome those who are intrigued to learn about shamanism through our short courses as much as those who are committed to doing the deep work of shamanic practice through our programmes. While our courses can be challenging, they are mind-expanding and never boring! You’ll be taken out of your comfort zone and into a realm that frees your mind and spirit and brings balance to yourself, your community and your relationship to the earth.


Words from the initiated

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