Wixarika (Huichol) Retreat & Teaching Course

We’re delighted to welcome you to a unique five day event amongst the mountains of Snowdonia where the ancient shamanistic culture of the Wixarika, in Spanish Huichol, from north central Mexico will be sharing the wisdom and teachings of their culture. 

This is the first time in the U.K. that Marakame’s (shamans) from the Wixarika will be opening up in such depth about the cultural traditions and practices that underpin their cosmology. And how this cosmology informs and feeds the shamanistic ceremonies and healing practices that lie at the heart of their way of life -keeping the people and the land healthy and in balance. 

It is an opportunity to learn directly from an unbroken tradition how a fully functioning shamanic society operates and keeps their ancient practices alive, even in the face of pressures that modern society exerts. This will, in turn, inspire and teach us in the U.K. valuable lessons as we attempt to remember our old traditions and renew shamanistic ways here. 

The course will end with a big collective offering to the land, helping us to reconnect with the ways of our ancestral powers that are still alive in the landscape. There will also be the opportunity to take part in a Wixarika Fire ceremony so what has been learnt about the culture can be directly experienced. 

This will be part of a five year commitment that the Marakames have made, to come back each year and teach us about different aspects of their culture, so it is a real opportunity to go on a deep journey with them. 

For anyone committed to, or interested in, a shamanic or medicine path, or an ecological approach that has spirituality at the heart of it, this is an invitation to learn directly from an indigenous culture that stretches back thousands of years. To remind us, of what it means to be human, beneath the modern mask of civilisation and live in harmony and balance with nature and ourselves.

Highlights of the course will include:

  • Learning about the role of the Marakame (shaman). The central place they hold in the community, the different tasks they undertake as healers and ceremonial leaders, how they can be called to the path, and the many initiations and commitments that must be made during the long training.

  • Explanations of the Offering concept that is essential for the Wixatari relationship with their environment. How the relationship that is fostered through offerings with the invisible powers that hold the land together, contributes to a balanced environment between the human and non human communities.

  • What offerings are involved in the gathering of their sacrament and medicine, the sacred cactus, Hikuri. And the important role of pilgrimage and sacrifice in this.

  • How we can start to make the right offerings on this land to honour the ancestral spirits in the land.

  • Learning about traditional music and dance, its role at the centre of community and ceremonial life, including the story of the instruments and the different songs and dances that are connected to the different festivals throughout the year.

  • A look at the festival calendar, and how this ties with a natural cycle of nature insuring the land is kept strong and a successful harvest is had.

  • An all night Fire ceremony with the Blue Deer

  • Discussions on how we can learn from an unbroken lineage to piece together the lost traditions that lay buried in this land, that will be relevant for our societies in the modern world.

All the above will involve a mixture of traditional teaching and experiential learning. 

Practical details 

Dates: Saturday 24th August- Wednesday 28th August. 

Venue: The beautiful Cae Mabon Retreat centre, Snowdonia which has been called ‘a Welsh Shrangi-la’. More info here: https://www.caemabon.co.uk

 Cost; £395 for four nights and five days. This includes all accommodation in cottages and chalets, food, teaching and ceremony.

There are a few camping spaces available which are at a reduced rate of £325 for accommodation (camping) food, teaching and ceremony. 

For more information or to reserve your place, please contact us here