Mental Illness as Shamanic Initiation Talk

This ever popular talk is back in London on February 4th 2019

In traditional, indigenous societies many of the symptoms we associate with mental illness, from depression through to psychosis, were often viewed as a sign that a person was being marked out and called by ‘the spirits’ to a life as a shaman or medicine person. 

This talk will explore whether it is possible, or beneficial, to approach mental illness from such a psycho spiritual perspective in a society that doesn’t value the spiritual conditions that give rise to sickness and is stuck in bio-chemical causation model. Asking questions such as what if some of the symptoms we deem pathological, are actually intimations of, or initiations to, a greater level of consciousness? 

This will be done without romanticising the real pain that mental illness can cause and will also explore when a spiritual causation approach may be useful and when it may not.

Venue: Amersham Arms

Doors: 7pm / talk starts at 7:30pm