Connecting to Nature at the College of Psychic Studies

All shamanic traditions acknowledge that the power to heal and create magic comes from a deep connection to nature and the invisible landscape of spirit that lies behind it.

But how do we make this connection strong and draw on it for spiritual power?

What needs to be given in return? 

And what happens when we reside in a city where nature is scarce? 

In the talk, we will explore a shamanic and animistic perspective on what brings the spirit of a place alive. Jez will Include practical ways that we as humans can engage with our environment wherever we live, to enhance and breathe life into the human and the non human landscape.

In the workshop we will explore shamanic ways to deepen your relationship with nature and the spirits that animate it, using trance states and the power of the drum and ceremony to bring you into contact with the spirits of the place where you reside.

Talk: Friday 18th January 7.00- 8.30pm

Workshop: Saturday 19 January 10:00am - 5:00pm