Our Community

Interconnected and vibrant

At the heart of shamanism is the understanding that all beings are interconnected, and that we are  all part of a larger ecosystem and web of life. A shaman and their tribe or community are synergistic entities: they’re mutually dependent on each other, one cannot exist or function without the other. This is the understanding that can often be missing from modern interpretations of shamanism, which emphasis the individual path.

At Second Sight we work hard to create a lasting sense of community. When you  sign up for one of our courses, you’re not just joining a training, you’re becoming part of our vibrant community. Many people who come through the courses end up making friends for life. Several pathways are also open to people who complete the training so that it is possible to always be involved, as little or much as you like.

It is this sense of being part of something much greater than ourselves, which is essential to the path of shamanism. There is a saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, we believe it also takes a village to nurture any nascent shamanic revival in the west.

Within our community, you can connect and share your experiences with others on the shamanic path, learn from experienced practitioners, participate in unique and exclusive ceremonies and pilgrimages with indigenous elders, be invited to community shamanic ceremonies with Jez and other Second Sight teachers, and tap into a wealth of resources that can aid you on your journey. 

Practitioners & Peers

supportive community

We recognise through the experience of our earliest students (and indeed, Jez himself) that building the confidence to take what you have learned out into the world, professionally or otherwise, isn’t for the faint-hearted. For this reason, Second Sight now facilitates 1:1 peer mentoring (an important shamanic skill to develop) and the ability to connect to those in the community geographically closest to you to practice your healing techniques, complete your case studies and create your own drum circles.


Social Gatherings

Throughout your course, you’ll be offered the opportunity to participate in various social events outside of the work, such as graduation ceremonies, Christmas parties and other meet-ups. Second Sight’s infamous gatherings are an opportunity to ground and ‘do normal things’ together, meet the other Second Sight clans, and have students from all courses past and present come together (and sometimes even practicing trance and the ‘art’ of losing control on the dance floor!)

The Woods & Online

shared space

Our protected woodlands are the hub and home of our experiential training, providing a dedicated community space to explore and immerse in nature. Here at Second Sight, we are dedicated to providing a space for our students and graduates both in nature and online, where they can continue to practice, share and gain experiences beyond their training. 

Wixárika Ceremonies

Indigenous Collaboration

As part of the Second Sight community you will have the rare opportunity to participate in  traditional ceremonies with visiting indigenous elders from the Wixárika (Huichol) tribe of Northern Mexico. Over the past 13 years we have built up a strong friendship and collaboration with several senior Marakames (shamans) who visit the woods to share ancient ceremonies and teachings from their tradition. To find out more, visit our Indigenous Collaboration page.

Traditional Fire Ceremonies

Land connection

Our core ethos is to learn from our experiences with the indigenous in order to reconnect and integrate to our own traditions and ancestors, instead of solely adopting those of other cultures. Therefore in addition to hosting ceremonies with indigenous shamans, we run our own traditional fire ceremonies for members of the community dedicated to connecting to the spirits and medicine of our land throughout the year. 

Graduation & Beyond

Lasting friendships

No school would be complete without the collective ritual of graduation to celebrate our student’s  completion of the three year shamanic practitioner training. As such, you will have the opportunity  to attend all graduation ceremonies. The nature and depth of shamanic work mean the bonds and kinship that form between people  on the courses go beyond regular friendships, it’s not a path you can walk alone. Second Sight was built on family and friendship, and we are proud of the family that’s grown from people of all walks of life and experience who continue their connection long after graduation

Shamanic healing in a yurt


Second Sight training courses are uniquely relevant and useful in the modern world, whilst also staying true to the principals shared by indigenous traditions. Our unique experiential trainings support deep and long-lasting transformation for individuals and communities, catering to all levels of shamanic experience.